Church of Scotland's 121 George Street - Opaque and Unaccountable

Church of Scotland's 121 George Street - Opaque and Unaccountable

The Church of Scotland has 270,000 members (2022).
There are 14 Presbyteries.
100+ full-time executive level members of staff are employed by 121 George Street.
11 of these are lawyers in the Church of Scotland’s Legal Department.
The 5 members of Human Resources Department are all female.

Some particular salaries are:
Chief Executive - £75,000
Treasurer - £75,800
Principal Clerk - £65379 - £69639
Mission Support Manager - £56,000 - £62,000
IT Systems Engineer - £40834
Presbytery Resource Adviser £37800-£44000
Finance Assistant - £24163

Calculating the average salary at £50,000, the cost is £5 million per year plus National Insurance, pension contributions, expenses and other additional costs.

700 churches are to be closed by 2030.

How can this be justified?

The Church of Scotland bureaucracy is opaque and unaccountable. It is top heavy in management personnel. Many have jobs for decades. It is remote from members and parishes. It has usurped the democratic guarantees of the Presbyterian system and has become authoritarian. As the Church of Scotland declines there is a further multiplication of management posts in the new presbyteries.

Some people are getting rich while the Church of Scotland enters its death throes. Many members of congregations who maintain local churches give from their pensions. There is no will to reform. Members are like serfs in the middle ages, disenfranchised, told to pay and pray.

Surely, under Heaven, this is a scandal?

Robert Anderson 2017

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