The current war initiated by Hamas against Israel clearly reveals the psychopathology of Hamas.

The elements are:
Mental dissociation from the commonality of human feeling
Unstable personalities
Vocational violence
Imagined divine attribution – Allahu Akbar – God is greater
Quranic teaching about Jews
Hamas’ constitutional denial of the right of Jews to exist in the Holy Land
Racial hatred
Dogmatic faith supremacy relegating Judaism and Christianity to secondary status
Collective suicide
False association of killing with eternal glory
Political totalitarian dictatorship
Exploitation, base treatment and killing of fellow Muslims
Wrecking strategy
Export of annihilation
Rejection of 300 years of western learning
Brutalist justification
Doctrinal zeal for Islamic conquering of all humanity

The reaction to Hamas’ invasion of Israel and its accompanying bestialities has shown that Hamas is not separate from the generality of Islam and of Muslims. ISIS was thought not be to Islamic by western ‘bien-pensants’ but was held to be terrorism personified, not reflective of Islam.

Muslims in the middle east have glorified Hamas’ murder of Jews. Mosques have been full of prayers of thanks for victory. Streets have been full of celebrants. In western countries including our own, supporters of Palestine have paraded their welcomes of Hamas’ actions. Muslim leadership worldwide has not condemned Hamas. The majority of British Muslims have remained silent, secretly approving what has happened according to the tenets of their beliefs.

Humanity has a worldwide problem with Islam. It is a warrior religious-political ideology. Everywhere in the Muslim world there is violence and political and social instability. Islam will continue to bring this upon the world. Politicians and the media are wilfully blind, indulging Islam, thinking it the equal of Christianity and of Judaism. Tony Blair’s ‘hereditas damnosa’, his equality legislation, has endangered our civilisation. Islam wishes it so.

Robert Anderson 2017

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