Nicola, Peter and the Worshipful Company of the Scottish Media

Nicola, Peter and the Worshipful Company of the Scottish Media

Now that the SNP has imploded and Peter Murrell has been arrested and questioned during Police inquiries into missing SNP funds amounting to £667,000, will the cosy, uncritical practices of the Scottish media change? Why has there never been any serious investigative journalism into the SNP? Why were the media afraid of Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell? Why did the BBC Scotland and STV not ask more prescient questions throughout their many interviews over the years? Why was Nicola Sturgeon not pressed on her harridan replies and her continual political obfuscation? Why were the media complicit in Sturgeon and Murrell’s Maoist control freakery? Was the BBC afraid of being called ‘anti SNP’, ‘anti independence’ or even ‘anti Scottish’. Why was STV so spineless? They investigated other social scandals. We know that the London media worshipped Nicola Sturgeon. They were unable or did not want to see through her. So too the Scottish media.

On 19 January 2019 I had written a letter in connection with the Salmond Affair. This was not published.

‘Nicola Sturgeon expressed regret that failings in procedure had let the two complainants down. She expressed no regret that Alex Salmond had been treated in a biased, unfair and illegal way. Feminism by definition cannot be objective. In England the recent director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders presided over a catalogue of injustices towards men accused of rape. Nicola Sturgeon is not fit to be Scotland’s First Minister. Her atavism is too concentrated to be a politician of appeal and relevance to all of the population.’

On 9th April 2020 I wrote to newspapers seeking to expose their vacillation. They did not publish the following:

‘Nicola Sturgeon has never risen above her teenage political prejudices. She has embarked on damaging ideological wars with UK and USA leaders. She has no Christianity in her to enlarge her soul. The Scottish media are craven, helping her to cover up her inadequacies. Coiffured, expensively made-up, smartly dressed and on stilts, she presents herself well but substance is lacking. She is the beneficiary of political luck in that the Coronavirus pandemic came along and rescued her, albeit temporarily.’ My observation that Nicola Sturgeon had more shoes than Imelda Marcos also went unpublished.

The frightening government controls exerted on the people by Nicola Sturgeon - more severe than in the rUK during the pandemic allowed Nicola Sturgeon unparalleled close control of the population. This played into her character and her limitless capacity for self-promotion.

On 1st May 2020 I wrote:

'Nicola Sturgeon’s history as SNP leader has been one of seeming absolute control. SNP members, MSPs and MPs have appeared unable or unwilling to speak independently or even interestingly about SNP policy. Some people regarded this as admirable while others thought it was troubling. Nicola Sturgeon mocked Richard Leonard for not being in control of his Scottish Labour party. Nicola Sturgeon’s part in the Alex Salmond debacle is still to be exposed. Her divisive rhetoric over the years has not reflected well on the Scottish people. She is not a ‘bonnie fechter’.'

‘Now Nicola Sturgeon has far greater power than ever amid this Coronavirus crisis. She is able to employ her political control freakery beyond the SNP to the whole populace of Scotland. How is it that so many Scots are putting up with this? There is no serious questioning and no credible opposition with more sensible plans for loosening the lock down. Politicians love power and never want to give it up. Let us beware Nicola Sturgeon’s autocracy. Let us not underestimate her vanity or her ambition.’

On 10th July 2020 I wrote:

The SNP’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis has given us insight to a future independent Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon has the Chairman Mao political skills of self-aggrandisement, subterfuge, disingenuous-ness and deflection of responsibility. Compulsory face masks indicate nationwide control and conformity. Daily press conferences usefully alienate the UK Government setting up an ideological border in preparation for the real one. Independence at whatever cost is the stated aim. Without Christianity’s restraining critique of power, we are half way to becoming Europe’s North Korea. Clap for the dear leader.’

On 3rd September 2020 I wrote a further letter which went unpublished.

‘Nicola Sturgeon is exploiting the pandemic to advance the SNP’s independence agenda. She is stoking fear of Coronavirus as a political tool to justify the excessive controls on individual life and freedom which continue to be imposed summarily and arbitrarily without common sense, without balance and without sufficient scientific explanation. Totalitarian governments of the left and of the right have always used fear to control the people. They have also used unsettling wrong-footing tactics such as those we are witnessing daily. These follow from the exercise of appropriated absolute power amid the claimed national health emergency.’

‘Nicola Sturgeon is disguising her intentions and her goals. We know she is doing this. She knows we know but her brass neck prevails. She is confident that we can do nothing about it. There is no credible opposition and the media are compliant.’

‘Nicola Sturgeon has made herself the central player in this national drama. She is now preparing us for her own version of the Long March to achieve independence. Economic distress will be her ally because it will increase state dependence especially among the poorest who will suffer the most. For Marxist revolutionaries and fascist dictators, no price was too great to pay for absolute power. Nicola Sturgeon has said as much herself. Though it is always the people who pay. Wake up Scotland. Independence is always possible but surely not like this.’

I was deeply offended by Nicola Sturgeon having the audacity to issue an Easter Message in 2021. On 6th April 2021 I wrote:

‘Nicola Sturgeon's megalomania knows no bounds. She is not the Queen. She is not the Pope. Yet she has sent out an Easter message to Christians. Reflecting on the “joy and hope of the Easter message”, Ms Sturgeon wished Christians celebrating in churches and at home a “happy, healthy and peaceful Easter”. We don’t want to hear or see Nicola Sturgeon at Easter. Her government was found to have acted unlawfully in closing churches during the lock downs. She has not apologised. The SNP has eroded Christian values from public life in Scotland and replaced Christianity in schools with the ideologies of micro-minorities. Ms Sturgeon’s cultivated insouciance does not hide her manifest hypocrisies. Scotland has become an unpleasant place for Christians to live, something the state controlled Church of Scotland has not mentioned.’

On 28th August 2021 I wrote a satirical letter which never saw the light of day.

‘Nicola Sturgeon has announced her strategy to completely eradicate Coronavirus in Scotland. ‘From 10th September everyone in Scotland must stop breathing’, she has said. ‘Breathing is the primary means of Coronavirus infection. My strategy will eliminate the pestilence for good’. She added ‘England can keep Coronavirus for as long as it wants but Scotland will have no more of it’. Opposition leaders and media commentators agreed and commended the First Minister for her clarity of purpose and communication.’

This was followed by a letter sent during COP26 also left unpublished.

‘Let them take selfies’. Nicola Sturgeon is doing a fine evocation of Marie Antoinette, swanning around the fringes of COP26 way laying anyone with whom she can exaggerate her profile. Dying patients at home in ambulances and in hospital corridors, multiple failures of lifeline ferry services, children’s education suffering, food banks, fuel poverty and poor economic prognosis are for us sans-culottes. Expensively costumed and coiffured and laden with slap, her self-aggrandisement knows no bounds.’

On 1st April 2022 I sent this into the Comments section of a Telegraph article.

‘A termagant tongue, misandry directed at hapless opposition members, the brassest of brass necks and political untruthfulness have covered up intellectual shallowness and personal insecurity. Nicola Sturgeon has always been out of her depth. The media never recognised it.’

I tried to draw attention to troubling circumstances. The Scottish newspapers were not interested in my opinions. Even now, in April 2023 they are not asking the right questions.

How much did you know?
Given your control of everyone and everything as SNP leader and being married to Peter Murrell do you expect us to believe that you are not jointly responsible for this SNP financial debacle?
Why are you not apologising to SNP members for the mess you have left the party in?
Why are you not offering an apology to the Scottish people for the mess you have left the country in?

Robert Anderson 2017

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