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Responding to the ‘Herald View Scotland needs a leader who passes the test on equality and tolerance’ (25 February) may I say that Christian teaching on marriage and family life coincides with the understanding and practice of the vast majority of humanity. There is unanimity among people in the south and east of the planet on this subject.

Office of National Statistics analysis of census in England and Wales figures shows that in 2023 1.5% of over 16 people in the United Kingdom identified as gay or lesbian and 3.2% in total identified as having non-heterosexual identities. 262,000 identified as being in a gender different from their birth certificate. Published figures by the Scottish Government showed that 1.1% of Scots over 16 identified as gay or lesbian and 2.1% in total as being non-heterosexual.

How did the LGBT (now expanded to 2SLGBTQQIA+) lobby achieve political dominance such that disagreement with it can prevent a candidate from taking up a public office? Government funded groups such as Stonewall and Equality Network made it their business to do so. From the outset their agenda was to replace Judaeo-Christian ethical teaching which has been the bedrock of social cohesion for millennia. This is called equality.

There has been no evaluation of whether what has happened is actually good for society. Even to suggest this is to invite opprobrium. Many occupations would be forbidden to anyone who advocated or conducted such research. No school teacher would find employment. Not content with equal rights, the LGBT lobby has taken over the identities of schools throughout the land in order to evangelise their identities and promote their minority practices. Businesses and local authorities also fly their flags. Why have politicians allowed this? No-one knows.

This is not about equality. Nothing here is equal. Democracy is about majorities. Neither is it progress. Scotland is not ‘modern, tolerant and diverse’. If it was Kate Forbes would be free to become First Minister of Scotland. If the Herald is, you will publish this letter.

Robert Anderson 2017

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