Disproportionate numbers of people of colour on television

On the STV 6pm news on Monday 18th July, one reporter was sent out to interview people about the high temperatures. She approached a brown skinned man and woman and asked them how they were dealing with the heat. The man replied ‘We are from India – it is no problem’. A young black man was importuned also. He gave a similar incredulous reply. This is the woke agenda in operation. Reporters are required to interview white people and people of colour in equal numbers to promote and reflect equality. The number of television presenters, journalists and reporters across channels disproportionately reflects people of colour. The BBC is to the fore in all political correctness. But this is not even political correctness. It is political propaganda. It is the woke agenda. 2019 ONS figures state that people of ethnicity account for 14.4 % of Britain’s population (5.4% in Scotland). 677,000 people in the UK define themselves as "mixed". Mixed-race people account for 1.2% of the total population. Channel 4’s recent Conservative Party Leadership debate had a majority of people of colour in the so called specially selected audience.

There are hardly any television advertisements which do not feature people of colour solely or alongside white people. Advertising is generally asinine and a huge insult to our intelligence. But this is brain washing and overt social engineering. It is part of the culture wars of the time. These have been motivated by critical race theory which came from America and has infiltrated most of UK society. The ‘lived experience' of minorities is promoted at the expense of the vast majority of the population. Thus in one advertisement two black overweight women are featured having a great holiday together. The subliminal messaging is 1) female friendship excluding men is great 2) being black is favoured over being white 3) being overweight is promoted as equally beautiful to being normal or slim. This is intersectionalist advertising illustrating the nexus of minority identifications in contrast to majority white centred advertising that has reflected the population proportion in this north European country over the years.

Football plays out a very great hypocrisy. ‘Taking the knee’ by multi-millionaire players of colour persists. These young men are examples of riches and success playing a white man’s game. Football has given them a path to wealth and fame, unhindered by colour. Yet they do not acknowledge this. There have been and remain pockets of racism among some football supporters. They are incidental compared with the general and majority acceptance of the skilful and athletic players of colour who permeate all levels of the game and even dominate some of them. They also bring their wonderfully exotic names to the forefront of popular culture. Timothy Fosu-Mensah, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Aaron Wan Bissaka, Axel Tuanzebe, Kelechi Iheanacho, Adebayo Akinfewa, Allan Saint-Maximin and Bioty Moise-Kean to name a few.

One of the ideological components of the culture wars is that black opinion must be identifiable in distinction from white opinion. This is not the colour blindness of Martin Luther King who asked people not to judge others by colour but by the content of their character. This is not a society in which colour just does not matter. Critical race theory advocates distinction just as Malcolm X promoted black racism and sought a separated land for black people within America. This is indeed a war. European whiteness is to be replaced. History is to be traduced. Learning set aside. Here is an example. Douglas Murray wrote in 'The Spectator' on 28 July, 'If you happened to be walking through Southwark this week you might have been accosted by a big public sign. ‘Hey straight white men’, the billboard bellowed, ‘Pass the power!’ Similar billboards apparently cropped up in other, equally squalid, parts of London. They are by a black artist from Marseille called Nadina. It will not come as a surprise to anyone who has seen her work to learn that Nadina is self-taught. Her other street art includes posters saying ‘Never forget George Floyd’ and ‘Nobody is free until Palestine is free’. Murray asks why this is not considered a hate crime. If similar messages were publicised about black men or homosexuals it would be, he suggests.

Fair assessment of European colonialism in previous centuries is necessary. There is much to be ashamed of, repented of and apologised for. The slave trade was the worst. But not all has been bad. The knowledge and skills given to the world through European civilisation and more recently through American civilisation are the very ones that advocates of critical race theory use to promote their hostilities. These people are largely well paid academics in universities and over compensated commentators in the media and online.

It is the disproportion and lack of balance that are the concerns and the strategy behind them. Why is this happening? Why are we being inundated with race propaganda? Why are businesses, politics and the media driving this bandwagon? Because it fills the vacuum caused by the wholesale abandonment of Christianity and the consequent emptiness and fragmentedness of contemporary social values. The Churches either say nothing or echo wokeness. Capitalism seeks profit through enterprise and success. It changes with the wind. For minorities it is pay back time. Colonialism in reverse. Former empires have had to absorb a proportion of their conquered peoples seeking a better life. Paris and London are modern examples. Rome was consumed by slaves from its colonies. But a sane and numerically proportionate equilibrium is required for everyone to continue to enjoy the best of life and living.

Robert Anderson 2017

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