The Globalisation Of Misandry

The Globalisation Of Misandry

Misandry = hatred, dislike, or mistrust of men.

“The woman you put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” So said Adam. (Genesis 3 : 12) Today it is the opposite. ‘It is men who are the problem’, ‘It was him to blame’. The infinite capacity of women to nag was once limited to the domestic sphere. Then it became part and parcel of social life and the work place. Then it became politicised and industrialised. Now it is a global phenomenon affecting all aspects of life in all nations and cultures.

If you think this is mistaken, let Celia Walden writing in The Telegraph' on 16 May 2022 describe for you a latest development - 'An anti-men dictionary. A lexicon of misandrist terms... Ofqual – the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation – has devised an internal handbook for its staff that is filled with helpful terms such as “hepeating”, which is “a situation where a man repeats a woman’s comments or ideas and then is praised for them as if they were his own”... This ‘will be one of a multitude of listed male microaggressions that are currently plaguing the workplace. At least they’re not constantly “manterrupting” us, “bropropriating”, indulging in “manologues” and “mansplaining”'. Celia Walden brings balance to the discussion. 'I have also had women do the same. And just for a second, let’s imagine the furore if a glossary containing misogynistic words were sent out to civil servants – or in any workplace. If women were urged to avoid “shenagging”, “hercomplaining”, “shebabbling” (the female tendency to witter on and on). If, like “mansplaining”, “herhysteria” was one of the Oxford English Dictionary’s new additions’.

There is also a revival of a sub-section of science fiction known as women only utopias. (One example is
'The Men' by Sandra Newman). Generally speaking this genre envisages a man free world. Left to themselves, the women create a better society, without inequality or war. All goods are shared. All children are safe. (Clearly, they have not heard of Wagatha Christie!) The economy is sustainable and Earth is cherished. Without male biology standing in the way, utopia builds itself. Women excel in all occupations. Older women gain prestige instead of losing it; the women are physically formidable and easily subdue their male captives. Their babies never cry. What, we may ask, is the inner psychological motivation for such thinking? It is sterility.

The Associated Press reported on 14 June 2022 that in America a self-published romance novelist who once wrote an online essay called How to Murder Your Husband was sentenced on Monday to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years for murdering her husband at his workplace in Portland four years ago. Nancy Crampton Brophy, 71, was convicted of second-degree murder on 25 May after a seven-week trial. Prosecutors said Crampton Brophy fatally shot Dan Brophy, 63, inside the now-closed Oregon Culinary Institute where he worked in 2018 because she stood to gain financially from his life insurance pay out. Life imitating art. Intentional misandry.

In Gujarat, India, a 24 year old woman Kshama Bindu has married herself. In full Hindu wedding red and laden with jewels and ornaments, she completed India's first 'sologamy'. 'I had always, since I was a little girl, wanted to be a bride, to be in the limelight', she said. 'But I didn't want a man or married life. It's a gesture of self-love. I am making a commitment to love and look after myself'. She kissed her reflection in a mirror and planned a honeymoon on her own. Critics suggested that has had been 'seduced by the west'. This is evidence of the determined egotism of women which far outstrips the more obvious egotism of men. If it had been a man who had married himself, it would have been described as extreme misogyny.

Women never have a good word to say about men. Their criticisms are not tempered with perspective. Men’s exceptional achievements which make modern life what it is are ignored. Men invented phones, radios, and televisions, computers, laptops, the internet, eBay, PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, WhatsApp. How would women live without them? Men build their houses, make their cars, boats and planes, washing machines, fridges, microwaves, wind turbines, solar panels and nearly everything that they take for granted. Because in the frenzied anti-male atmosphere there is never sufficient balancing assessment of men’s contributions. Elon Musk is the archetypal male adventurer of the age with his SpaceX, Teslas and Neuralink.

It has become politically incorrect to be male. All the world’s ills are visited on men. It appears that very few women have ever been, are or will be treated well by men. This is a gross distortion of reality. Me Too has moved from minority pressure group to the default valuation of men. Propaganda that women are better than men at everything proliferates. Nicola Sturgeon has presided over a number of disasters as First Minister of Scotland but she brazenly gets a way with it where men would not. The Prestwick Airport debacle, the Fife BiFab losses, the Motherwell steel plant scandal, the Gupta corruption case, the Salmond affair, the hugely costly Rangers FC mess, the failed Scottish Investment Bank, the ferries manufacturing failure and its cover up, the 2022 Census wreckage and the inauspicious start to the ScotRail nationalisation project to name but a few would have brought down a man in her position. The costs to taxpayers for this incompetence lie in the hundreds of millions of pounds. Anywhere in the private sector this would result in multiple dismissals. Failures in education, health and the economy are glossed over. Nicola Sturgeon’s personal values, control freakery and limited business skills have demoralised and impoverished the people of Scotland. Former First Minister Henry McLeish was obliged to resign in 2001 over a trivial matter, albeit that it was about personal financial probity. It was little compared to the recent disappearance of £600,000 in SNP donations.

Angela Merkel, former Chancellor of Germany was held up to be a paradigm of female competence during her 16 years in political power. History will show that she left Europe vulnerable to Russia and that that was one of the causes of the Ukrainian war in which Russia has committed genocide, war crimes, serious devastation and destruction and brought about 7 million Ukrainian refugees. It has also destabilised Europe and impoverished tens of millions of its citizens. Is she admitting anything? Not so far.

Men are held to be responsible for all that is wrong in the world. Yet women fail as frequently as men in public life. The politically correct (female, lesbian) appointment of Cressida Dick as London Police Metropolitan Commissioner was far from a success. She, it is to be remembered, gave the command to execute the wholly innocent Jean Charles de Menezes on a London tube on 22nd July 2005, an act that should have stopped further promotion in its tracks. During her time as Commissioner, scandals abounded one of the most grievous of which was the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard on 3rd March 2021 by serving police officer Wayne Couzens. The London murder rate was as follows; 2017 – 118, 2018 – 134, 2019 – 149, 2020 – 119, 2011 – 126, January - April 2022 – 28.

In the aftermath of the Grenfell high rise tragedy on 14th June 2017 the London Fire Commissioner in charge of the highly criticised response to the Grenfell Tower fire resigned on 6th December 2019. Dany Cotton announced that she would be stepping down on New Year’s Eve, bringing forward her planned retirement in June. In October, after the public inquiry into what happened on the night of the fire found serious failings in the London fire brigade’s (LFB) preparation and response, Cotton had refused to resign, saying she wanted to see out reforms.

Paula Vennells was chief executive of the Post Office between 2012 and 2019. She presided over the worst public service scandal in history. More than 700 Post Office workers were wrongly prosecuted for stealing company money as a result of a Horizon computer failure about which senior management knew. Some were imprisoned. Many lost their jobs. More than 30 of them have died without knowing that they have been vindicated. Compensation costs will reach billions of pounds.

Denise Coates is the best paid woman in the world. She makes her £265 million annual salary from gambling as founder and chief executive of Bet365. This was more than three times greater than Tim Cook earned (£80m) running Apple, the most valuable company in the world. It was 25 times more than Bob Dudley received for running BP and 55 times more than the £4.9m that Dave Lewis, the chief executive of Tesco, has to rub along on. Gambling addiction is a huge social problem bringing wreckage to the lives of man. It is an immoral way to earn a living let alone the largest living by a woman. It gives the lie to the claim that women are somehow more instinctively moral than men. In 2018, 24.5 million people in England gambled (54% of the adult population, or 40% when you exclude the National Lottery). Research indicates that there are between 250 and 650 gambling related suicides in the United Kingdom every year.

Women are serial embezzlers. Between 2015 and 2018 1486 women were convicted of embezzlement and fraud in Scotland alone. Natalie McGarry a former MP, has just been convicted of embezzling nearly £25,000 from SNP funds. Lula Lakatos was found guilty of swindling £4.2 million pounds worth of jewellery in London in 2020. Elizabeth Holmes (born in 1984) was convicted in America for fraudulently claiming that her tech company Theranos could diagnose illness from a blood prick sample. She had set herself up as a kind of female Steven Jobs. In March 2018, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Holmes with fraud by taking more than $700 million from investors while advertising a false product. Sarah Panitzke is aged 47 and was originally from Fulford near York. She is a money launderer involved in a £1 billion mobile phone tax scam who was one of the National Crime Agency’s most wanted fugitives. She has been arrested in Spain while she walked her dogs in Santa Barbara, Tarragona, on 27 February 2022 by the Spanish Guardia Civil as part of an operation supported by HM Revenue & Customs.

Women have also been found guilty of heinous crimes in recent years. On 31st May 2016 Rachel Fee, 31, and Nyomi Fee, 29, were convicted today of killing two-year-old Liam by inflicting severe blunt force trauma to his body at a house in Fife, Scotland. The youngster, who had been subjected to a life of pain and neglect, suffered a ruptured heart after sustaining injuries similar to those seen in car crash victims. The defendants were both also found guilty of wilfully assaulting, neglecting and abusing two young boys, including the one they blamed for Liam's killing, over a two-year period. This abuse involved being imprisoned in a home-made cage, given cold showers, tied up in a dark room where snakes and rats were kept, and forced to eat dog excrement, a court heard.

Arthur Labinjoh-Hughes was murdered by Emma Tustin on 16th June. Arthur had lived with his mum, Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow, for most of his life. She and his father split up just before his second birthday, however they shared custody. In February 2019, Ms Labinjo-Halcrow was arrested on suspicion of murdering her new partner, Gary Cunningham. At trial, it emerged their relationship had been abusive and she would be convicted for manslaughter. She was jailed for 11 years in July. After Ms Labinjo-Halcrow was arrested, his father Thomas Hughes assumed full custody of Arthur. For just over a year, they lived with Hughes' family. In March 2020, Hughes moved in with his new girlfriend Emma Tustin, just as the UK went into lockdown. Arthur's life quickly became dictated by a regime of discipline and punishments. Tustin made it plain she did not want Arthur in her house. He was removed from the bedroom he once shared with her own children and made to sleep on the floor in the living room. He was also isolated from the rest of the family, routinely made to stand alone in the hallway for up to 14 hours a day, with further punishments if he dared to try and sit down. He was regularly beaten, starved and deprived of water. What food he was given was sometimes laced with salt by Tustin to make it inedible. He was alone at home with Tustin on 16 June 2020 when she assaulted him. She has never given an account of what she did to inflict his final fatal brain injury that afternoon, however experts said it was consistent with his having been shaken and his repeatedly head slammed either into the wall or the floor. Emma Tustin was jailed for at least 29 years and Arthur's father Thomas Hughes got 21 years for manslaughter.

Frankie Smith, 20, the mother of Star Hobson who was murdered on 22nd September 2020 was jailed for 8 years (later upgraded to 12 years) at Bradford crown court in December for causing or allowing the death of her 16-month-old daughter, killed by Smith’s former partner Savannah Brockhill (a woman). Star died in hospital in September 2020, having suffered “utterly catastrophic” and “unsurvivable” injuries at Brockhill’s hands. Savannah Brockhill was sentenced to a minimum of 5 years in jail.

Peter Connelly was born to Tracey Connelly on 1 March 2006. His biological father left the family home a few months later. In November, Connelly's new boyfriend Steven Barker moved in with her. In December, a general practitioner noticed bruises on Peter's face and chest. His mother was arrested and Peter was put into the care of a family friend, but returned home to his mother's care in January 2007. Over the next few months, Peter was admitted to hospital on two occasions suffering from injuries including bruising, scratches and swelling on the side of the head. Connelly was arrested again in May 2007. In June 2007, a social worker observed marks on Peter and informed the police. A medical examination concluded that the bruising was the result of child abuse. On 4 June, the baby was placed with a friend for safeguarding. On 25 July, Haringey Council's Children & Young People's Service obtained legal advice which indicated that the "threshold for initiating Care Proceedings...was not met". On 1 August 2007, Peter was seen at St Ann's Hospital in North London by locum paediatrician Sabah Al-Zayyat. Serious injuries, including a broken back and broken ribs, very likely went undetected, as the post-mortem report believed these to have pre-dated Al-Zayyat's examination. A day later, Connelly was informed that she would not be prosecuted. The next day, an ambulance was called and Peter was found in his cot, blue and clad only in a nappy. After attempts at resuscitation, he was taken to North Middlesex Hospital with his mother but was pronounced dead at 12:20 pm. A post-mortem revealed he had swallowed a tooth after being punched. Other injuries included a broken back, broken ribs, mutilated fingertips, and missing fingernails. The police immediately began a murder investigation and Peter's mother was arrested. Tracey Connolly admitted her crime and was later sentenced to a minimum of 5 years in prison. She was freed and then recalled. Steven Barker was given a minimum 12 years sentence and Jason Owen 3 years for their involvement.

Of course many more men have committed heinous crimes than have women. There are many more male prisoners than female. Men have committed the worst actions of human history, more recently, Stalin, Hitler and Mao and at the present time Vladimir Putin, guilty of genocide and war crimes before our very eyes. Some men have treated some women badly but the majority have not. The Muslim Taliban are a reprehensible minority but feminists do not call them out. Why? Many men in family life have lived sacrificially. Some have done unpleasant and dangerous jobs such as coal mining and oil exploration. Most men live unspectacular dutiful lives in relation to the women in their lives. They bear much silently whereas women are noisy and loquacious.

Women are responsible for heinous levels of abortion. In Scotland in 2020 there were 13,815 abortions, the second highest figure on record. In England and Wales there were 209,917 abortions in 2020, the highest number on record. Worldwide there were over 42,000,000 abortions in 2020. So far this year worldwide there have been 15,133,850 (10 May 2022) with one happening every single second. This is genocide of the unborn. Men are usually kept out of the decision-making. Feminists and pro-choice women discount any say on the part of the fathers. The idea that women are better than men, more humane, kinder and caring is rendered false by these factual statistics.

Men are outnumbered in the media, especially television. Equality works only one way, against men, doing men down, replacing them at every turn. Women have even invaded men’s football and rugby commentary. Equality cannot just be a matter of numbers. It must be a matter of relevance, competence, suitability and skill. Even to question this is to be made a bigot, a wuss, a laughing stock, a pariah. Again, men have often made a mess of things in personal and public life, in politics, business and much else. The perennial complaint is that women are still disadvantaged. But the more women achieve positions of prominence, the more some of them will fail and be seen to have been promoted beyond their competence on the politically correct quota premise. Women are not necessarily better than men at everything. They have a ruthless streak though and rarely compromise. They want to be the centre of attraction and to have their way. They switch off and have fun. Men suffer. Women just copy men, copy men’s games, copy men’s interests. They don’t invent much for themselves. It seems as if what they really want is to be men.

There are so many single mothers in the media. They are portrayed as veritable Virgin Marys. Where did their children come from? Men are invisible. They have deserted, many no longer wanted or welcome. The state benefits system favours single women with children over married or even cohabiting couples. All this social chaos is a consequence of abandoning the Judaeo-Christian ethic.

There are many wonderfully clever and capable women in public life, throughout society and in family life. There are many creative and inventive men still exploring and discovering. There are many good responsible husbands and fathers. The balance of discussion needs to come back from globalised misandry to fairer and better perspective. Women need to speak up for men every time they complain about them and campaign against them.

This is a plea for fairness and equality of comment. From a Christian point of view women and men are equally far from perfect, sinful compared to Jesus. We are all in need of wholeness and salvation.

Robert Anderson 2017

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