Failure of Church Leadership

The Church of Scotland 1921 Act paragraph iv contains these words ‘This Church, as part of the Universal Church wherein the Lord Jesus Christ has appointed a government in the hands of Church office-bearers, receives from Him, its Divine King and Head, and from Him alone, the right and power subject to no civil authority to legislate, and to adjudicate finally, in all matters of doctrine, worship, government, and discipline in the Church’. Yet the Principal Clerk and others were flattered to attend meetings with Scottish Government civil servants in order to agree to closure, thereby casting adrift the foundations and history of the Church of Scotland as a distinct Christian entity.

Larger issues however also pertain, the overturning of Judaeo-Christian ethics by successive British governments, aggressive attacks on Christianity by the new atheists, the general abandonment of Christian teaching in schools and the fear of media condemnation if Christian leaders say anything remotely critical of the general decline in personal conduct.

Robert Anderson 2017

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