Nicola Sturgeon's Easter Message

Nicola Sturgeon's megalomania knows no bounds. She is not the Queen. She is not the Pope. Yet she has sent out an Easter message to Christians. Reflecting on the “joy and hope of the Easter message”, Ms Sturgeon wished Christians celebrating in churches and at home a “happy, healthy and peaceful Easter”. We don’t want to hear or see Nicola Sturgeon at Easter. Her government was found to have acted unlawfully in closing churches during the lock downs. She has not apologised. The SNP has eroded Christian values from public life in Scotland and replaced Christianity in schools with the ideologies of micro-minorities. Ms Sturgeon’s cultivated insouciance does not hide her manifest hypocrisies. Scotland has become an unpleasant place for Christians to live, something the state controlled Church of Scotland has not mentioned.

Robert Anderson 2017

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