Richard Lucas

You report that Richard Lucas, a teacher by profession who has formed the Scottish Family Party to participate in national politics is to be investigated by the General Teaching Council of Scotland for the content of a promotional video published in 2018 (Herald, 6 February). The case against him is reported to be that he is intolerant of and prejudiced against same sex parents and is likely to discriminate against them and their children in the course of his duties as a teacher. It is alleged that his fitness to teach is impaired and that he is unfit to teach.

The main import of his video is the welfare of children born to same sex parents. There is no evidence that he would discriminate against such parents or their children. He is more likely to care for them proactively. Conversely, many of Scotland's teachers express political opinions in their classes with impunity. Their union, the Educational Institute for Scotland is avowedly left wing. LGBTQ+ issues are promoted in Scottish schools. They have become the default values of public education. This is not a neutral state of affairs. Teachers in France are afraid to discuss Islam in class. Liberals support them in trying to do so. Freedom of speech is at stake.

Richard Lucas describes a state of being, that of the very largest majority of humanity who reproduce naturally, female and male. He offers social science research to support his views. He also represents the traditional teaching of Christianity which has enlightened and informed Scottish and global society for millennia. Will the leaders of Scotland’s Churches defend Richard Lucas’s right to express his views? Not a chance.

Robert Anderson 2017

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