Reply to Owen Jones

Owen Jones concludes his polemic ‘Allegations of Islamophobia in the Labour party go far beyond one party donor’ (December 4) by alleging that ‘Anti-Muslim bigotry is rampant in British society’. He offers no place to Christianity as these islands’ informative faith against which the claims of Islam should be measured. Distinctions between Christianity and Islam are many. The former is spiritually and metaphysically orientated, the latter is a religio-political ideology. Rational disagreement with Muhammad’s relegation of Jesus to an inferior status below himself must surely be allowed. Owen Jones cannot ignore the terrible violence being perpetrated by the followers of Muhammad throughout the world today. Last week’s massacre of more than 110 farmers in Borno state in Northern Nigeria described by the UN as the ‘most violent direct’ assault against civilians this year’ is but the latest.

Robert Anderson 2017

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