Jesus and Mohammad

Syed Hamad Ali’s article (3 June) is helpful but fundamental analysis of the differences between Christianity and Islam is needed for this country. Comparison between Mohammad and Jesus indicates that Mohammad was a visionary soldier-politician while Jesus was an other-worldly preacher and healer. Mohammad married many times and practised polygamy. His first wife Khadija was fifteen years his senior and wealthy. Two of his later wives Aisha and Maria were well below our marriageable age. Jesus was wholly and singly dedicated to his calling. Mohammad established Islam using force. Jesus established Christianity without force. Muslims do not regard Mohammad as divine but they enact irreconcilable insult at any questioning of his person, character, psychology and conduct. Jesus died self-sacrificially with words of forgiveness on his lips. Islam has warring family dynasties at its core. Christianity’s authority patterns are tempered by Jesus’ example of service and eclectic choice of disciples. Islam is closer to Judaism with its rules for daily life than to Christianity which offers personal freedom bound in Jesus’ teaching. Muslims tell us that Islam is a religion of peace but throughout the Islamic world there is violence and carnage, more between Muslims than against infidels. People are cowed by fear of Islamic retrogressive responses. Print and electronic media are hesitant. Careful Church leaders lack the courage to speak out.

Robert Anderson 2017

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