Peace I leave my peace with you

Peace, I leave my peace with you

Peace, I leave my peace with you,
Do not fear or dare to be;
Let me take you by the hand,
Be my presence in your land.

Word, I send my word to you,
Speak for me that all may hear;
Loud repeat the Gospel way,
Saving, blessing, healing day.

Life, I breathe my life in you,
Let me well within your soul;
May your sense of joy increase,
Conscience free and mind at ease.

Grace, I found my grace in you,
Children too for all their hours;
Safe within my Covenant,
Promised by my Father’s grant.

Love, I give my love to you,
Love each one as I love you;
So that all may fairly see,
True disciples bound in Me.

Light, I hand my light to you,
Hold it high to guide your steps;
Arc of heaven’s pathway clear,
Golden city now come near.

(Holy Communion)

Flesh, I share my flesh with you,
Do this to remember me;
Gather round and celebrate,
This my resurrected state.

Blood, I shed my blood for you,
Drink this cup for me and mine;
Equal do and equal be,
Now and in eternity.

(c) Robert Alexander Anderson 2012

Robert Anderson 2017

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