Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Christmas bells are ringing ringing from churches and halls;
Manufactured canned pop muzak in our shopping malls.
People wearing Santa costumes, all with artificial smiles,
Telling folks they must be happy whatever their trials.

Christmas choirs are singing singing with voices so clear;
Good news Christmas carols soften our frozen veneer.
Words that touch our very heart strings, move us even tenderly,
Sharing songs of living faith which God gave us so freely.

Let us not be greedy greedy and live for ourselves;
Help us to be kindly to those we don’t know that well.
Happiness is born within us, when we think of others too,
Baby Jesus you had nothing and now our world thanks you.

Christmas love is giving giving just like grace of God;
Sending out our parcel boxes to children abroad.
They will not get many presents, even in our wealthy age,
Though we live as one together in this global village.

Christmas peace is winning winning our hearts and our minds;
Reconciliation happens when we are inclined.
Living Saviour join our worship, as we celebrate your birth,
Bless us Christians in praying for peace on your whole earth.

(c) Robert Alexander Anderson 2012

Robert Anderson 2017

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