Who would have thought

Who would have thought

Who would have thought that You would survive,
Coming again resurrect alive,
To those who grieved for you family and friends?
Jesus is risen,
Jesus ascended,
You have the Lordship now evermore.

Who would have thought that you could yet wring,
From human pain wickedness and wrong,
Goodness and holiness spring eternal life?
Jesus still gentle,
Jesus still humble,
Your Word is proven in every age.

Who would have thought You’d rain down on us,
Pentecost power spreading over earth,
Filling us heartily with the Spirit’s peace?
Jesus the faithful,
Jesus the gracious,
You are inspiring all of us here.

Who would have thought that this world of ours,
Would still be held caring in Your mind,
Our human consciousness opened up to God?
Great is our learning,
Large is our knowledge,
Lost in Your wisdom pattern and truth.

Who would have thought that now in our time,
Humanity after all seeks You,
So may we recognise and perceive and see?
Who you are truly,
Son of God Saviour,
Giving soul friendship heartfelt in need.

Who would have thought in heaven above,
Those who were lost, disregarded souls,
All lift their hands in praise joyously they sing?
They prove us blinded,
Least now the foremost,
Alpha Omega always and end.

© Robert Alexander Anderson 2014

Robert Anderson 2017

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