Thanksgiving for life is no little thing

Thanksgiving for life is no little thing

Thanksgiving for life itself is no little thing;
The mystery is why we live at all;
Expressing deep sense of worth to soul and breath,
Bringing us peace of mind,
For our Lord loves humankind.

Thanksgiving for Jesus’ love is a priceless joy;
Sustaining us through all our days and years;
Beginning each morning hour in trust and hope,
Strengthening us in faith,
Praising the Lord of the earth.

Thanksgiving for each and every one we know;
Our own flesh and blood and our neighbour friends;
Church family here beside us worshipping,
Lightening up our hearts,
As all of us play our parts.

Thanksgiving for victories over tests and trials;
And caring that’s given through fault and wrong;
A vision sublime of time to come beyond,
Changing us for the best,
So by God’s grace truly blessed.

© Robert Alexander Anderson 2013

24. Consider the wind farms in the fields

Consider the wind farms in the fields,
Which toil and spin high above us;
Not beautiful nowhere near natural,
Conflicted edges of creation.

Consider the weapons in the air,
Targeted at children sleeping;
So powerful meant to maim and destroy,
Making a wasteland of breath and life.

Consider the world wide web assaults,
Which dull our minds and our spirits;
Setting out just to provoke and offend,
Piercing the silence and peace of God.

Consider our own world foolishness,
It would take long to be counted;
Feckless and lost and inclined to false gods,
Betrayed and hurting and broken down.

Consider the life of Jesus Christ,
Poetry in tears and bleeding;
Triumphant day and returning in grace,
Saving and blessing eternally.

© Robert Alexander Anderson 2013

Robert Anderson 2017

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