Faith Hope and Love

Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, hope and love, these three remain,
When nervous doubts distress and undermine my peace;
I turn to You, my Lord and God,
Then I am not discouraged and my worries cease.

In this world of beauty, in this world of meaning,
Let me thank my Maker in my prayer;
For my own existence cannot simply gather,
Dust and water, chemicals and air.

Faith, hope and love, these three remain,
You are my rock my shelter cloister resting place;
I turn to you, Lord Jesus Christ,
I know You listen to me answering with grace.

You are welcome by me, You are found within me,
When I am inspired at each day light;
Living Lord and Saviour, guest and valued dear friend,
Granting me the gift of inward sight.

Faith, hope and love, these three remain,
My mind’s eye sees Your guiding hand in every hour;
I turn to you, Holy Spirit,
And I am filled anew with life and joy and power.

Let me be encouraged by the saints before me,
Those whose well known race of faith is won;
May I join their journey, many steps to travel,
At my pace I’ll follow God’s own Son.

© Robert Alexander Anderson 2013

Robert Anderson 2017

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