We are one together

We are one together

We are one together
In our flesh and our spirit,
In our thoughts and our actions
And in faith hope and love;
In our struggles and striving
In our own best intentions,
In failing and falling
And rising again.

Give us strong friendship
For each one and another,
Held together in Jesus
We are servants of God;
Let the Church in one witness
Join all hands in its praying,
As breath sacramental
Soul beat of the world.

Compelled by our nature
When we seek light and favour,
Just like moths fly to bright flames
Our own pride makes us burn;
Yet we are new born creatures
Granted most gracious saving,
With prospects of heaven
In earth’s dying light.

God so loved this world
That he sent his son Jesus,
So that those who believe Him
Never ever shall die;
For us no condemning
As we live freed by His truth,
And in Christ’s own soul light
Forgiven of God.

And so let us worship
In our speaking and singing,
By confessing our Lord’s Name
In the Church and the world;
Let us run this our faith race
For the crown and the garland,
And joy that awaits us
In eternal life.

Christ the Incarnate
Living Lord and our Saviour,
First fruit of resurrection
And our dear Prince of Peace;
Keep us in your compassion
For in earth’s global village,
We are one together
The body of Christ.

(c) Robert Alexander Anderson 2011

Robert Anderson 2017

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