Lord you give us all we discovered

Lord you give us all we discovered

Lord you give us all we discovered,
Earth found home life blood providential;
Atom engine internet genome,
All Godly harvest of our human thought;
Help us to save our planet,
From all wastefulness of failed intent.

Lord the poor we always have with us,
Pictures wreck all our peace and comfort;
Fly stuck face and distended stomach,
Heart wrenching sorrows in our children’s eyes;
Help us to show love caring,
Give our money for this Christ sharing.

Lord you give us Your life eternal,
Days to years on the way to leaving;
Keep your living Word on our journey,
So through unknowing cloud pass into sight;
Help us to run our life race,
Till we stand before You face to face.

Lord you give of all we are conscious,
Faith in Christ and His full salvation;
Mystic unseen and elemental,
Living Communion in the saints fulfilled;
Help us to praise You Lord,
Thousand thousands singing ‘Lamb of God’.

(c) Robert Alexander Anderson 2010

Robert Anderson 2017

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