O Living God we cannot see you

O Living God we cannot see You

O living God we cannot see You,
For our minds are sore divided;
Unfocussed vain cannot perceive You,
Inward night waits for the dawn,
Of long eternal Christ light.

We walk by faith and not by seeing,
Each one seeks the way to heaven;
Our spirits sigh with heartfelt longing,
What we hope must all be true,
Your Peace confirms within us.

O Jesus Christ, we were not with You,
When You walked on earth among us;
And little children hugged and kissed You,
When Your blood fell to the ground,
Our lovely dying Saviour.

O how we long to be empowered,
Healing gifts and comfort strengthen;
With caring words redeeming guidance,
Binding wounds and aching hearts,
In all our human wanting.

O Spirit True it’s hard to know You,
As You breathe here elemental;
Bring heaven’s joy to our existence,
Draw us near to You we pray,
And for our life salvation.

O Father Son and Holy Spirit,
Trinity of love and passion;
Embrace us well and recognise us,
Welcome us into Your heart,
And Your eternal dwelling.

(c) Robert Alexander Anderson 2007

Robert Anderson 2017

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