What is the purpose of all my days?

What is the purpose of all my days?

What is the purpose of all my days,
Am I just stardust blowing in the wind;
What do my feelings mean beyond my heart,
Does all my consciousness outlive my years?

Will all my loving last my lifetime,
As children go their own way in their lives;
When years of longing no longer sense touch,
And consolation brings comfort to mind?

What is my life that mindful of me,
As from this earth I look out into space;
And see the moon and stars scattered around,
You touch my deepest soul, make me Your own?

Transcendent moments gifted to me,
Lift up my heart in worship and in praise;
Value and worth are brought to all I am,
My cross and golden crown merging as one.

So I will bless the purpose of days,
In faith and hope I’ll surely travel on;
Long doubt and fear will change into near peace,
And serving Christ become my greatest joy.

(c) Robert Alexander Anderson 2012

Robert Anderson 2017

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