Here I stand before you Lord

Here I Stand

Here I stand before you Lord
With my baggage all around me,
My life’s time and chance on a mobile touch page;
All my years have passed before
In an instant of recording,
The Lamb’s Book of Life in a digital age.
In my living and giving, be with me daily,
In all of the tests I must pass through;
In my conscience and mind, transform my will’s process,
Till You dwell in me and I dwell within You.

Here I stand before you Lord
On my heart I know the scarring,
Of walking alone and in bearing my cross;
Wasted times and foolish thoughts
Grains of gold in dross and brushwood,
Foot marks of achieving on mountains of loss.
In my living…

Here I stand before you Lord
Taught by Jesus how to follow,
Enlightened and humbled for my lesser part;
Reassured in faith and hope
Saved in Christ for life eternal,
Your purpose attained in my diffident heart.
In my living…

Here I stand before you Lord
Ready to confess and witness,
To be yours and serve You for all of my days;
May I yield the fruit of faith
Overflow with love and mercy,
Rejoice with me and let me rejoice always.

(c) Robert Alexander Anderson 2011

Robert Anderson 2017

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