We are free in this homeland of our living

We are free

We are free in this homeland of our living,
Mountains and glens are Bethels for worshiping;
Holy Spirit winds refresh souls with well springing life,
Sun light along heather paths that point to heaven.

Free by the truth of our Living God,
Deep in the love which He still offers to us;
Set in the peace once won long before time,
Strong to proclaim Jesus Christ Living Lord.

We are free to rejoice in our existence,
Invisible with visible universe;
Specks of star dust only to hostile atheists,
Image of God for all those with minds of faith.

Free by the truth…

We are free to kneel in our homes in prayer,
Places so thin where heav’n and earth meet to touch;
Down through long ages our living communion,
Heroes and saints hand this gift to us in time.

Free by the truth…

We are free to walk in footsteps of Andrew,
Humanity that serves all of God’s people;
Sky white cross blue above blood crimson falling on dust,
Covenant Grace now inspired within our hearts.

Free by the truth…

(c) Robert Alexander Anderson 2010

Robert Anderson 2017

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