Take my hand eternal Father

Take My Hand

Take my hand eternal Father
For my heart cries when I fail You;
Lift me up when I am broken
Make me whole together true.

Cheer me up when I am chastened
Grant me yet another chance;
Dust me down and set me onward
Lighter steps to leap and dance.

Take my mind and reconcile me
To the past I took for granted;
All whose trust I long have squandered
Love estranged and friendship grieved.

Crown me with your own compassion
Wreathe me in your tender care;
Let me seek your long lost people
May they learn that You are there.

Take my life O Saviour Jesus
Let me speak and act sincerely;
Love each soul whom You have died for
Your command fulfilled in me.

Father Son and Holy Spirit
Life and power are Yours to give;
Hear this prayer that I now offer
Healing grace within me live.

Lead my soul to everlasting
Sound the trumpet for me still;
Grant me safe into your presence
To complete your perfect will.
While I walk my pilgrim path way
Take my hand Lord take my hand.

(c) Robert Alexander Anderson 2010

Robert Anderson 2017

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