Covid, Church of Scotland, Football and the Nation

Article IV of the Church of Scotland Act of 1921 states ‘This Church, as part of the Universal Church wherein the Lord Jesus Christ has appointed a government in the hands of Church office-bearers, receives from Him, its Divine King and Head, and from Him alone, the right and power subject to no civil authority to legislate, and to adjudicate finally, in all matters of doctrine, worship, government, and discipline in the Church’. The Church of Scotland did not stand its ground and caved in to lock down advice which could have been challenged in the courts if necessary. At the time I described its policy as a death wish.

Now the Church of Scotland has sent a circular out with the words ‘The reality is that those over the age of 70 will have to consider carefully whether they should be attending church’ (Church of Scotland advice on opening churches, The Challenges that lie ahead, 4 ; 2 paragraph 2). I describe this as a suicide note.

There is a troubling consistency of bad judgement across the Scottish nation. The Scottish football authorities closed down an uncompleted season meaning that natural justice was denied to Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer.

Our politicians are not the cleverest of people. There is a litany of well documented Scottish Government management failures throughout the crisis which have lead to high death rates. Now we have a glacial release from lock down with great damage being done to everyone and especially to young people in education. Yet there is no protest, little media criticism and poor opposition. What is wrong with us? We have lost our way as a nation.

Robert Anderson 2017

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