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Green Hypocrisy

To The Herald

Hate Crime Law

Church of Scotland Clearances

The Herald

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The Herald 20 1 24

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The Times 20 1 24

Reply to Malcom Parkin and Susan Martin

This letter was not published by The Herald newspaper

Reply to Jim Sillars

The Herald 23 Oct 2023

Reply to Magnus Linklater

13 May 2023

Reply to John Hume in The Herald

28 April 2023

First Minister Election

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25 02 23

Queen Elizabeth and King Charles

Reply to Moderator Greenshields

Reply to Rosemary Goring on Prayer

Comment on Stuart Waiton

Church of Scotland General Assembly 2022

Patrick Sookhdeo

The Times 10 May 2022

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Larry Flanagan

Educational Institute of Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon

Failure of Church Leadership

Reply to Douglas Murray in The Telegraph 24 12 21

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

The Herald Correspondence

Matthew Parrish The Times

Nicola Sturgeon at COP26

Reply to Tim Stanley

The Telegraph 6 9 21

Fall of Kabul

Muslim Exceptionalism

To : The Herald

Nicola Sturgeon's Easter Message

Richard Lucas

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Reply to Owen Jones

The Guardian 4th December 2020

Does any government have the right to make the singing of Christmas Carols illegal?

Margaret Ferrier

Inhumane treatment of students

Kevin McKenna's Sectarian Polemic

Sturgeon's Neo-communism

Coronavirus Restrictions

Nicola Sturgeons's Naughty Step

SNP's Neo-communism

10 July 2020

Covid, Church of Scotland, Football and the Nation

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Right and Wrong

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Balance Required

Common Sense

April 2020

Coronavirus Lifestyles

Jesus and Mohammad


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