Consideration of ‘2084 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity’ John C Lennox, (Zondervan Reflective, 2020)

Steven Pinker : Rationality What it is Why it seems scarce Why it matters (Allen Lane, 2021) An Evaluation

Steven Pinker makes an idol of human rationality but he does not acknowledge the given rationality of the universe. He rejects the existence of God and he ignores the rational basis of Judaism and of Christianity.


The Ideas Behind Today's Cultural Wars

A Critique Of Plans To Form A Presbytery Of South West Scotland

A Horizontal Solution (Management) For A Vertical Problem (The Church Of Scotland’s Relationship To Jesus Christ, The Head Of The Church)

The Spiritual Universe

20 July 2020

The Invisibility Of Christianity

The Coronavirus Crisis

Critique of ‘In The Closet of The Vatican’ by Frédéric Martel (Bloomsbury, 2019)

Questioning The Premises

Holy Land Pilgrimage


Whence the Origins of Evil

500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s Publication of his 95 Theses against Indulgences

October 2017

Answering Richard Dawkins


Christmas 2018

Herald Agenda Article December 2018

Christmas for Atheists

December 2017

What is left of Christianity in Scotland?

Scotland's False Idealism

The Referendum 2014

Robert Anderson 2017

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